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  • Paul Andrews

Leekes - An Ironmogers Tale

From a valleys blacksmith to Wales's leading retail and leisure group in under 100 years.

This book follows the history of a family that has established a retail and leisure brand which is today recognised throughout South Wales, the West Country and beyond.

Through the prosperous age when the coal of the Rhondda Valley fuelled a nation, the years of the Depression and two World Wars to today's competitive and consumer-driven times the Leeke's family business endured, developed and prospered. From its beginnings as a husband and wife team the company now employs over 1,200 people and is one of Wales's top businesses.

Passionately proud of their Welsh and Rhondda #heritage, this is an entertaining and informative story of a close family and an enduringly close family business told from the inside and characterised by great ambition coupled with a strong sense of community.

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