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Balson's - 500 Years Behind The Block

The charming family history and memoir from Richard Balson that harks back to a different age. A journey of a family in business that dates back all the way to 1515.

From the chaotic 'Shambles' in the 16th century to today's impersonal supermarkets, the story of RJ Balson & Sons over 500 years and England's oldest family business, is a fascinating history of butchery and how it has changed over the years. In today's culture of the generic High Street it's heartening to know that there are still shops such as Balson's where traditional methods and local produce can be found.

Throughout the book Richard writes movingly about his family and the respect he has for them. Above all, this memoir reads as a wonderful tribute to his father.

Alongside the story of his ancestry, Richard gives life to his home town of Bridport, a town full of characters and individuality. From his loyal customers to the local farmers, all are drawn with affection and regard. Richard's own charm and humour brings the personal touch to local history.

500 Years Behind The Block is told with wit and warmth from a true Dorset man.

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