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Mouseman - The Legacy of Robert Thompson of Kilburn

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

This book, by Patricia Lennon and David Joy, is an updated version of the official biography of Robert Thompson, the Mouseman of Kilburn. First published in 1999, and much updated since that date, it is recognised as the definitive publication on this fascinating, early twentieth century master craftsman, his work and his legacy.

This edition contains much new information for Mouseman aficionados, as well as fascinating historical detail for those who are discovering Robert Thompson and his work. It includes a completely new chapter on Mouseman furniture in London, highlighting fine pieces in the capital that span the decades: from 1940's creations by Robert Thompson in Westminster Abbey, to one of the most recent and prestigious examples of his legacy, the specially commissioned archive room at NM Rothschild & Sons in the City of London.

"As a small child I would spend many hours in the workshop, making simple wooden boats to sail down the beck that runs through the village of Kilburn. I would listen to the craftsmen who had been trained by my Great Grandfather, Robert Thomspon...The pride I saw on their faces is repeated today when one of our craftsmen turns, stands back and views the item of furniture he has just completed." Ian Robert Thompson.

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