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A History Of The Hoare Banking Dynasty

Latest addition to the library shelves - The story of the different generations of the Hoare family and their complex, intimate relationship with the business they created, and which still thrives today as a privately owned, family-run bank, provides a fascinating panorama of English social life over three centuries.

Messrs. Hoare Bankers by Victoria Hutchings

Through the centuries Hoare's customers have included Catherine of Braganza, Samuel Pepys, John Dryden, Richard 'Beau' Nash, Thomas Gainsborough, Lord Byron and Jane Austen as well as succeeding generations of aristocratic and landed families. In recent times the bank has been much favoured by members of the legal profession.

As each generation manoeuvres for power within the bank and as individual characters impress themselves on the institution, there emerges a unique portrait of a single family in an unbroken thread over three hundred years.

One of the inaugural books to be added to The Heritage Library, this reflects the essence of a family business that has been an institution in its own right for generations. One of the oldest family firms in the UK and a great collection of the history and heritage behind such a famous institution too. A great example of capturing history for generations to come.

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