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Thatchers Then & Now

The story of a great cidermaking family. family members have been at the heart of Thatchers Cider since William John Thatcher formed the Somerset company in 1904. From the days when cider was given as part of the farmworkers' wages, cidermaking skills have passed down through the generations, secret recipes shared and crafts perfected.

The result is the Thatchers of today, still pressing its apples on the same family farm, immensely proud of its #heritage, its staff and its mantra of securing a sustainable business for future generations by crafting great quality ciders that burst with distinctive Somerset flavour.

Thatchers Cider now produces over 60 million pints of cider a year, selling on over twenty countries and employing 120 people at Myrtle Farm. This book has been well over a century in the making.

Previous generations of the family have all played their part in the Somerset cidermaking story and in the words of John and Martin Thatcher, "We are truly privileged to be able to pull every strand together today to create what is not just the story of our family, but a social history of cidermaking in this beautiful county, the home of cider."

"Our appreciation goes to everyone who has worked with and for Thatchers Cider since 1904, who have helped create the firm we are today, and finally to the previous #generations of the Thatcher family, without whom this book would not have been possible."

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